SuperCollider source code is under Git source control management, and hosted on GitHub

  • read-only: <git://>

    If you only want to get the latest source code, but you have no permission or intent to contribute, use the above URL.

  • read-write:

    In order to contribute, you need to have a GitHub account and be granted permission, then use the above URL.

For help with Git, see Cheat Sheet for Git

The Master Branch

Main development is happening on the master branch. Here, we develop everything that goes into the next minor version (e.g. 3.x) and beyond.

Bugfix Branches

Shortly before the release of a new minor version, a branch with the name of the version is created (e.g. 3.6). Here, we only commit changes that fix bugs, not new features, and that are well tested to not cause any regressions (retrigger already fixed bugs or create new ones). In general, all commits should first go to the master branch, and then be cherry-picked to bugfix branches

When a bugfix version (e.g. 3.6.x) is released, its point on the bugfix branch is tagged (e.g. Version-3.6.4);

Topic Branches

These are branches dedicated to development of specific features. The names of such branches start with ‘topic/’ followed by the topic description (where words are usually separated with ‘-‘ or ‘_’). For example, the topic/supernova_osx branch is dedicated to development of support for Mac OS X in supernova.

The topic branches are useful for experimental development, where it is not sure whether the development will be successful and useful enough to include it in the master branch. However, when the goal is approached successfully enough, the topic branch is merged into the master branch.