• . Latest build
    This is the latest build of the cutting edge development branch.


PPA and package distributions:


  • . 3.7 32-bit installer
    Includes SuperNova. Note: if you depend on MIDI you should stick with 3.6.6 for now. Check the Readme for more details on known issues. Stay tuned!
    .sc3-plugins are available as well.
  • . 3.7 64-bit installer
    SuperNova not available
    .sc3-plugins for 64-bit are made available, but should be considered experimental, as they are compiled with MinGW rather than Visual Studio. Check the Readme for installation details.
  • . Win 32 3.6.6 installer

Building from source

Build instructions are included with the source code. For more tips and trouble shooting check this page.

Plugins and Extensions


Quarks is the package system and extends SuperCollider with lots of interesting things for math, graphics, machine learning, networking, interface and compositional frameworks.

SuperCollider 3.7 comes with a new implementation that lets you install Quarks using a gui, from github URLs or by installing any packages that you have downloaded. Read more...

SuperCollider 3.6 and earlier

See the old SVN Quarks repository and consult the help file that came with your 3.6 SuperCollider.

For some older alternate builds see sourceforge downloads.