Thank you for your interest in helping to develop SuperCollider! There are many ways you can help out:

  • Answering questions from your fellow users in the mailing list.
  • Filing bug reports and feature requests.
  • Writing and maintaining documentation. Anything from typos to entire tutorials helps. Documentation contributions are done in the form of pull requests (see below). If you are using scide, there is a useful trick to setting up your workspace for documentation edits.
  • Reviewing, discussing, and testing out proposed changes.
  • Improving other auxiliary parts of SC, such as sc3-plugins, this website, and the various quarks.

Bugs and Features

Bug reports and feature requests should be filed in the GitHub issue tracker. See “Submitting, triaging, and fixing bugs” for info on the full workflow for bug reports.

New developer?

SuperCollider uses Git for source code control. Git knowledge is necessary to try out the latest developer versions and to contribute your own changes.

If you aren’t familiar with Git, GitHub has tutorials for you to get started. If you encounter problems using Git, feel free to ask for help on the sc-dev list.

Release cycle

SuperCollider uses a stable main branch. Stable releases are marked using tags, along with GitHub’s “Releases” page. More detailed information on the current release system can be found here.

Pull requests

You can submit changes in the form of pull requests, gratefully accepted at our GitHub repository.

The first step to filing a PR is to get your git environment working. First, fork supercollider/supercollider on GitHub. By convention, origin should point to your fork, and upstream to the main repository:

git remote add origin
git remote add upstream

For each pull request, you should first update your fork to match upstream (not needed, but it helps guard against conflicts):

git checkout develop # switch to develop branch
git pull upstream develop # download the latest and the greatest
git push origin develop # update your fork on GitHub

To start a new branch:

git checkout develop # make sure your new branch is based off develop, not something else!
git checkout -b topic/my-great-improvement
# add and commit your changes
git push origin topic/my-great-improvement

Your changes are at the topic/my-great-improvement branch on your fork of SuperCollider. Now point your browser to your SuperCollider fork and file a PR. (The topic/ prefix is a Git convention used to mark a topic branch, which is a branch created for short-term development use. It helps organize the list of branches in your fork, but it’s also fine to leave it out.)

Here are some important guidelines for making pull requests:

  • Don’t put unrelated changes in the same pull request. Separate by functionality or issue.
  • Try not to change whitespace or needlessly rearrange things if they don’t have anything to do with the issue you are fixing. Save rearrangement for a separate commit.
  • Be patient! It might take a few days for your changes to get reviewed and merged. Smaller PRs get merged faster, which is another good reason to break down your contributions into bite-sized pieces.

Coding guidelines