A four day SuperCollider summer school will be held at the University of Westminster, Room 206 Wells Street, London W1T 3UW, Tues July 15 to Friday 18th 2008.

If you don’t know SuperCollider, it’s a powerful audio programming language for generative and interactive music, with full realtime sound synthesis facilities (http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/)

Both beginners and more advanced students are welcome and will be catered for. The course will culminate in a public gig for participants at Public Life in Shoreditch on the Friday night.

The organisers are John Eacott and Nick Collins, who will also be the main tutors.

The course is being run at minimum costs on a basis of pay what-you-like (you pay once at the workshops). In order to avoid time wasting, a minimum of £10 is required, and a £20 course fee is suggested as a basis for students, benefits etc (pay more if you can). However, bear in mind how much other workshops of this nature tend to cost, and you’ll get an idea of how we’re going out of the way to make this as non-commercial a venture as possible. The tutors are accepting no fee apart from travel expenses, and any excess will go to subsidising the Friday night performance opportunity, and if we go beyond that, to a dementia charity.

The maximum number of participants we can take is 30. Please email John Eacott off list in order to register (john atsymbol informal dot org). Note also that the organisers are not responsible for finding London accommodation for international participants; travel and lodging would have to be dealt with by you.

best wishes,

John and Nick