The first day (Saturday, Oct 17) is devoted to beginners, and should give you a head start for working with SuperCollider. If you have already experience in SuperCollider, or feel ready to go to the next level after Saturday’s class, we offer an intermediate workshop the next day.

Each class is $110, and if you sign up for both classes right away, the price is $190 instead of $220.

The class is part of our month long New York Electronic Arts Festival ( On Friday before the class (Oct 16), Nick will also play on the opening night of our festival at Roulette’s, as part of his duo “Nic vs. Nick”, together with equally famous hardware hacker Nic Collins from Chicago, employing live coding and live circuit building.

To sign up for the classes, or if you have questions call Hans Tammen at 212-431-1130 ext 130. You can also conveniently sign up at where you will also find the schedule for the upcoming months. Membership is $75/yr, and you can pay for the membership when you sign up for the class.


Nick Collins

Saturday 17th October, 10am - 5pm

Class cost: $110


Nick Collins

Sunday 18th October, 10am - 5pm

Class cost: $110

-> Take both classes for $190

Saturday 17th October: Beginners day A friendly introduction to SuperCollider for absolute beginners, aimed at artists and musicians. Aside from a little familiarity with the digital arts, no prerequisites, though some prior exposure to computer music (perhaps through Max/MSP or Csound) may be helpful.

Sunday 18th October: Intermediate day Would be suitable for those who have taken the previous day’s beginner workshop, as well as those wanting to refresh or extend their skills. The emphasis here will be on live performance with SuperCollider, and facilitating participants’ own projects. The workshop will be adaptable to participants’ needs, and I will take requests for topics, and run a general question and answer session.