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Current Version


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These are the latest builds of the development branch.


SuperCollider Releases (including Stable Releases, Betas, and Release Candidates)

Building from source

SuperCollider source on Github

Build instructions are included in the source code, and can be found in the README corresponding to your system. These instructions, as well as some platform specific build guides, can also be found on the Building from source page.

Plugins and Extensions

  • sc3plugins

    The sc3plugins are extension plugins for the SuperCollider audio synthesis server. These third-party plugins provide additional synthesis, analysis, and other capabilities for the sound server.

  • Quarks

    Quarks are packages containing classes, extension methods, documentation and UGens. The integrated Quarks package system is used to download and manage these packages on your system.

    [SuperCollider 3.7.0 or later] Quarks can be installed by graphical user interface, by GitHub URL, or by manually placing files in SuperCollider’s Extensions folder. For more information, see the SuperCollider Quarks project page.

    [SuperCollider 3.6.6 and earlier] See the old SVN Quarks repository and consult the help file included with your version of SuperCollider.