This page lists compositions for solo acoustic instrument (or voice) with electronics made with SuperCollider (real-time or fixed-media). The list was initially compiled in March of 2014 after an open call made through the SuperCollider Users mailing list (you can see the original thread here). Most pieces were submitted by the composers themselves. A few were included based on references found on the web.

Feel free to edit this page to add new pieces to it (you will need a github account). Please include links to scores and recordings, when available.

Composers are listed alphabetically by last name.

Mark Ballora

Singularity (2004), flute and electronics

Bo is burning - Electronic Music-Theatre Duo

A duo by Sarah Jeffery and Felipe Ignacio Noriega.

The Mill Song (2012): percussive clogs and wireless electronics with SC (Choreography by Cinthya Oyervides).

Bo is Burning (2013): Lifting folk songs and contemporary technology (Choreography by Cinthya Oyervides).

FolkClash (2013): Exploration of homemade technology, clog dance, and improvisation

A short video with teasers from The Mill Song and Bo is Burning is available on youtube.

Chris Brown

Branches (2001-5), piano and interactive computer

Jeremy Van Buskirk

A Sigh Felt Across The Earth (2014), alto saxophone and electronics

Marko Ciciliani

Time Machine (2013), for sensor-equipped bass-clarinet (SABRe), live-electronics and live-video

Refract-Reflux (2005), for flute and live-electronics.

Lid of face, metallic soot, to oscillate me, daffodil I (2002), for harpsichord and live electronics.

Nick Collins

Onto Panic Core (2009-2013), piano and computer concerto

Chip Chip (2010), piano and computer

Snap (2010), chamber ensemble and computer

Kinesics (2009), piano and computer

Suite with Interruptions (2009), harpsichord and computer

LL (ListeningLearning) (2009), drum kit and computer

Sat at Sitar (2005), Sitar and computer

Drum Track (2005), drum kit and computer

Free Improvisation Simulation (2005), acoustic guitar and computer

Info on the above and more here:

John Drumheller

The View From Dead Horse Point, solo viola and electronics

From the far away, nearby (2012), clarinet and electronics

Eli Fieldsteel

“Fractus” series, for solo instrument and SuperCollider (I: trumpet; III: flute; IV: trombone)

Score videos:

Performance of Fractus III (flute):

Krzysztof Gawlas

Strings in the Clouds, piano and electronics

Nocturne, piano and electronics

Kosmas Giannoutakis

Metabionta (2012), acoustic guitar and tape

Rael Gimenes

Mutazione (2008) for Acoustic Guitar and Live-Electronics


live recording:

O resto no copo (2010) for Double-Bass and Live-Electronics CD store:

Traverser le réseau (2014) for Violoncelo and Live-Electronics recording:

David Stephen Grant

Bånsull (lullaby) (2014), viola and electronics

H. James Harkins

You are already on the far shore (2009), solo violin and real-time SuperCollider

Shangha Flower, xiao flute and computer

Elliot Kermit-Canfield

Koan for Cello and Live Electronics (2013), solo cello and live SuperCollider processing

Post-Praeludium per Donau, by Luigi Nono, (1987), SuperCollider implementation by Elliot Kermit-Canfield (2013), solo tuba and live SuperCollider processing

Derek Kwan

shoebox memories (2014), kalimba and SuperCollider

Stelios Manousakis

What is the current that makes machinery (2013), female voice and ambisonic live electronics (text by Gertrude Stein)

Palpebla Resonoj #1 (2013), feedback-augmented alto clarinet and real-time computer processing

Center no Distractor, duo for taiko & live electronics

Daniel Mayer

Several pieces for solo instrument and tape made with SuperCollider:

Fabrice Mogini

Choices (1999), flute and live-electronics (with SuperCollider 2)

Ted Moore

Eclipse (2014), improvising instrumentalist and electronics (audiovisual)

is himself no more (2013), tenor sax and electronics

fiery walls (2012), Bb trumpet and electronics

Michael Musick

Late Night Nap (2007), tuba and electronics


Off<>zz is a laptop and piano/toypiano duo (Anne Veinberg and Felipe Ignacio Noriega) exploring electro-acoustic music via improvisation, live coding, and transformation of their classical-music influences into a more collective experience. They regularly present new work via their SoundCloud:

A 20 min. video of their performance on the Sonic Arts Festival 2014 (Bilbao) is available on youtube.

Off<>zz website

Fredrik Olofsson

redeem, french horn and live SuperCollider (plus graphics in Processing), commissioned by Sören Hermansson.

redO, violin, flute, cello, piano and SuperCollider (plus graphics in Processing), commissioned by The peärls before swïne experience.

Joo Won Park

Toccata (2009), for found objects and computer

100 Strange Sounds, live-electronic music with everyday objects and acoustic instruments.

Joshua Parmenter

d’Amore (2011), violin and live electronics

Contracantus I (2007-9), flute and / or recorder and live electronics

Theta (IV. Ritardando) (2006-9), viola and live electronics

Palimpsest (2003-6), electric guitar and live electronics

Concerto (II. Accelerando) (2006), double bass and computer realized sound

More info on these and other pieces here:

Federico Reuben

On Violence (2009-2012), for piano, live elec­tron­ics, com­puter dis­play and sensors

Egor Sanin

Processed Poetry, voice and SuperCollider

Wouter Snoei

The Game (2011), for Yamaha Disklavier and computer (interactive piece, midi only)

IJsvogel (2011), for contrabass clarinet and live electronics (title translation: Kingfisher, or alternatively Ice bird)

Organism (2012), for organ and live electronics

Trio (2014), for electric harp and live electronics

Canto Ostinato Audio Visual, adaptation of Canto Ostinato by Simeon Ten Holt, for harp and live electronics. Live video adaptation by Arnout Hulskamp.

Carl Testa

Sway, interactive live processing environment using SuperCollider

Sⁿ, album for prepared electric guitar and SuperCollider

Iris, album for solo bass and SuperCollider

4 Miniatures for Automated Organ, computer controlled organ

Rachel Devorah Trapp

Alloy (2013), horn and electronics

Scott Worthington

Reflections (2012), double bass and electronics

Still Life (2012), trumpet and electronics

At Dusk (2010), double bass and electronics

Frozen Landscapes (2010), percussion and optional electronics

Abstraction II (2008), piano and electronics

Abstraction I (2007), carillon and electronics

Jonathan Zorn

violin + sc

doublebass + sc

speech + sc (the piece is Talking Typing at the bottom of the page)

To add a piece to this list, send the info to bruviaro at scu dot edu or feel free to edit the page yourself.