We are pleased to announce that SuperCollider 3.3 is now released.

Visit the SuperCollider downloads page to get binary or source-code downloads for your platform.

There are many changes since 3.2 (see the changelog for full detail) but here are some headlines:

  • GUI system updates: easier syntax, plus a major update of GUI documentation, as well as extra features such as modal sheets, SCLevelIndicator, and menu item manipulation
  • New UGens added:
    • BEQSuite filter UGens (popular set of nice-sounding filters)
    • PartConv (efficient frequency-domain convolution)
    • SendReply (sends arrays from server to the language client)
    • VDiskIn (like DiskIn but with variable rate)
    • LFGauss
  • Buffer recording/playback UGens used to be limited to 16-channel; now they can handle massively multi-channel audio
  • SCImage for manipulating bitmap image objects (mac only)
  • LocalBuf framework allows synths to create/free their own “private” buffers, simplifying buffer management in many situations
  • Various behind-the-scenes efficiency improvements, for a sleeker audio server that can do more on a given machine

(Note: the Windows build of 3.3 is still in alpha stages and so is not yet a “stable” release - watch this space)