A “release candidate” for the new version of SuperCollider 3.4 is now available for Mac and Linux.

Download for Mac:

Download for Linux:

There are many changes since 3.3.1 (full ChangeLog), including 64-bit support on mac and linux, iPhone support, performance improvements, and improved user interface features. Also, following the 3.4 “alpha” a couple of months ago we fixed a backwards-compatibility issue, made consistency improvements in JITlib, and more.

This release candidate has been tested by the developers and if there are no problems then it will used for the official 3.4 release, but it could still benefit from some user testing. Your feedback is welcome! Our mailing lists are here.


(Note for Windows users: The latest version for Windows is 3.3.1. We don’t have many active Windows developers at the moment, so there won’t be a 3.4 version until that changes.)