SuperCollider 3.4 is now available for Mac and Linux.

Download for Mac:

Download for Linux:

There are many changes since 3.3.1 (full ChangeLog), including 64-bit support on mac and linux, iPhone support, performance improvements, and improved user interface features. Also, following the 3.4 “alpha” a couple of months ago we fixed a backwards-compatibility issue, made consistency improvements in JITlib, and more.

The ‘-with-extras’ versions include the new version of SwingOSC too (0.65).

Many people contributed towards this release - not just the large group of developers but also people improving documentation, reporting bugs, and so on. Thanks to you all!

(Note for Windows users: The latest SC for Windows is 3.3.1. We don’t have many active Windows developers at the moment, so there won’t be a 3.4 version until that changes.)