we have a new 3.5.3 bugfix release:

source tarballs:

osx installer:

win32 installer:

ubuntu debs (due to launchpad packaging hell currently one commit before

cheers, tim

changes since 3.5.2:
Dan Stowell (6):
LocalIn helpfile fix, thanks Bruno Ruviaro
Fix scvim regsitry file for updated filename (thanks Carlo Capocasa)
version number to 3.5.3
Server helpfile: see-also reference docs
SCVim.sc should not be executable
cmake build system: use system boost libraries if available

Jakob Leben (1):
cmake: fix Boost Thread linking on Windows

James Harkins (10):
EnvGen_next_ak_nova: Hardcoded blocksize=64, change to
Per Scott W., initSiblings is not needed
Reinstate Mix.ar and Mix.kr, with rate checks
Fix crossplatform fail: Scale.directory shouldn’t always depend
on Document
ListPatterns: offset.value omitted (inval) as an argument
Fix PbindProxy:storeArgs - should NOT call “source” on keys in
the array!
Scale:degreeToRatio should handle degrees outside of one
octave’s range
More meaningful error message for too many selectors
Explain the limitation on the number of selectors in one
Correct spelling error

Jonatan Liljedahl (3):
Methods.html: auto-redirect to Search if method not found
SCDoc: fix detection of old format class docs
Mix.ar was un-deprecated, so remove the deprecated method

Joshua Parmenter (2):
fix scroll view problem for OS X 10.7.4
update SC_DirUtils to look at the name of the app bundle on osx

Julian Rohrhuber (14):
fix bugs due to wrong usage of partial application
PV_BinShift helpfile improved
PV_Diffuser helpfile improved
reformat statement for readability (no change of functionality)
helpfile improvements
improve array helpfile
add note to the loop argument of DiskIn (thanks Stefan).
improve helpfile
some helpfile improvements
improve helpfile
improve helpfile
improve and simplify FFT overview helpfile: fix some errors in
improve and simplify IFFT helpfile.
improve and simplify FFT helpfile, mention that hopsize must be
larger than 0.0

Tim Blechmann (11):
external libraries: update nova-tt (gcc 4.7 fix)
supernova: correctly implement replace semantics for /s_new
Help: Function.scope is not limited to OSX anymore
cmake build system: locate server plugins on freebsd
server: add support for RF64
cmake build system: ensure boost include path for scsynth
cmake build system: set boost library path
cmake build system: link scapp with correct version of
cmake build system: minor cleanup
supernova: fix asynchronous commands for empty reply address
common: fix non-apple builds