27 November 2013

SuperCollider 3.6.6 is now available!

Since 3.6.5, there are many small bugfixes, so this is a recommended update. Notably, the Quarks system is updated to avoid a couple of recent issues. (Full changelog below.)


Current Version

macOS builds are signed and notarized

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    This is the latest build of the development branch.


Current Version

Builds with gcc >= 6.3

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Current Version

Supports Windows 7, 8, 10

Previous releases

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These are the latest builds of the development branch.

*) Builds marked "sn" include the supernova server.

Changes since 3.6.5

Bruno Ruviaro (1): help: changed .send(s) for .add in SynthDef example

Dan Stowell (13):

  • linux: install 2 more files needed in dev headers: SCVersion.txt, SC_PlugIn.hpp
  • Actually enable memory-checking code when in debug mode
  • enable memory-checks only on special flag, not general debug
  • class library: curvelin is now inverse of lincurve (UGen implementation)
  • cmake: simplify qt-free build via SC_QT=False - fixes #959
  • help doc: update to match the new syntax error output (thanks numb101). Fixes #981
  • bump version number to 3.6.6
  • fix outdated svn url in windows readme (thanks @bagong)
  • Add warning about Mac OSX Mavericks (App Nap), thanks bagong
  • On mac, remember to bundle README_OS_X.txt
  • Import Rainer’s rewritten OSX readme (from 315e60)
  • update cmake for moved readme

Eirik Arthur Blekesaune (1):

  • Pproto typo fix

Jakob Leben (6):

  • scide: when saving document, automatically append “.scd” extension
  • qtcollider: QUserView, QWindow: do refresh when “drawingEnabled==false”
  • server: PortAudio: scale CPU load data to represent percentage
  • scide: never close a session with unsaved documents
  • Add win-rc-files for sclang and scide and and add icons to execs
  • sclang: allow Windows path separator in code filename argument

James Harkins (14):

  • Classlib: Pspawn resolved a function –> pattern prematurely
  • Change “global variable” references where “environment variables” are meant
  • MP tutorial 10: Fix typos in an example (one causing syntax error)
  • platform: standalone’s modifyStartup needs to initialize openPorts
  • Library: Psync’s cleanup was incorrect and could yield a redundant rest
  • Library: Avoid redundant releases for rests in PmonoArticStream
  • Library/PmonoArtic: Fix the case of a rest as the first event
  • classlib (quarks): Defer svn path checking until needed; try{} the check
  • Class library: Fix TempoClock CmdPeriod cleanup
  • Class lib: PmonoStream: Fix cleanup bug (was adding cleanups for rests)
  • Classlib: Pconst: Make sure Pconst returns the right inval
  • Help: Process help: Document the important ‘nowExecutingPath’ method
  • Help: String/Literal: Document escape character properly
  • Classlib: Rest: Return a proper compileString for Rest instances

Julian Rohrhuber (9):

  • class library: copy list before implictly removing items from it
  • help: add a note about precision to Integer
  • help: add a note about precision to Integer
  • class library: when setting the bus, NodeProxy only rebuilds if really needed.
  • class library: curvelin is now a proper inverse of lincurve (fix by james harkins).
  • help: array.move
  • examples: making ear training application compatible with QT
  • class library: plot warns if Buffer is not allocated
  • class library: plot now draws correct domain spec values

Michael Zacherl (1):

  • HPF.schelp: Warning about frequencies close to 0.

Miguel Negrao (1):

  • linux readme: qt5 limitation

Tim Blechmann (8):

  • Revert “class library: jitlib - Avoiding sync problems with free/play”
  • jitlib: explicitly take server latency into account
  • plugins: fix substraction of kr - ar signals
  • plugins: DiskIO ugens - remove limitation of channel count
  • class library: fix curvelin
  • plugins: FFT - clip window type to avoid crash
  • plugins: FFT - fix invalid use of memcpy
  • sclang: win32/msvc compile fixes

Yvan Volochine (2):

  • Quarks: use new sf.net repo url
  • boost: fix build error with recent versions of glibc

bagong (1):

  • Minor enhancements after first rewrite

redFrik (1):

  • midi type - fix for sending sysex

rs (18):

  • Add Thumbs.db to ignored files
  • For Windows install supernova to SuperCollider folder
  • Add two icon-files for sclang and scide resource files
  • Simplify Win-installer (remove options and comment out gedit related code)
  • Register installer in Add-/Remove programs and remove registration on uninstall
  • Associate filetypes sc scd and schelp with SC and attach cube icon
  • Add Startmenu item (and try to remove it on uninstall)
  • Brand installer, add welcome screens and use default texts where possible
  • Small additions to Windows Readme
  • Cleanup: remove unnecessary pseudo variable declarations
  • Cleanup: remove defunct code after consultation with author
  • Add QtCreator’s CMakeLists.txt.user to ignored files
  • RelPath cleanup a: move platform specific icons to platform/windows/Resources
  • RelPath cleanup b: Make sc_cube.ico available to nsis install script
  • RelPath cleanup c: change confusing semantics of var SC_SRC_DIR
  • RelPath cleanup d: Adjust the NSIS script (and forgotten scide.rs) to preceding changes
  • Add info about installing Quarks to Readme
  • Enhance Quarks section in Windows readme