SuperCollider 3.7

SuperCollider 3.7.0 prerelease builds are now available. These will be released regularly until the application is considered stable and a release candidate is declared.

This release has been in continuous use during it’s development, so it is considered stable enough for day-to-day use. It should be backwards compatibly with any code from 3.6.6.

3.7 can coexist with 3.6.6 and other SC versions. We recommend you backup your sc_ide_conf.yaml - settings from 3.6.6 should be forwards compatible, but using a 3.7 settings file in 3.6.6 is not supported (though it may partially work). This can be found in the user support folder (File > ‘Open user support directory’).

Builds available:

How can I help?

Report bugs

Read the bug submission guidelines! Bugs can be submitted:

Please run existing SC projects and report any significant failures or unexpected behaviors. This is also a chance to report long-standing issues that have not been addressed in 3.7.

If you have access to uncommon hardware setups, or OS distributions, your testing is especially important! Please take a moment to smoke-test with your specialized linux distro or custom HID-based device and report back!

Help triage bugs

SuperCollider currently has 345 open issues, many of which are years old - as we beta test 3.7, we expect that number to increase. We need help dealing with new bugs, and sorting through old bugs and features (many of which may already be fixed). This is also a good chance to advocate for getting your (least) favorite bugs fixed. Please read the bug triage guidelines and ask on sc-users or sc-dev if you would like to contribute to this process.

Fix an easy bug

Simple-to-fix bugs and documentation / string issues are marked with the low hanging fruit label in the issues database. If you haven’t contributed a pull request to SuperCollider before, or need an excuse to build locally, these are a good place to start.

Write / review documentation

SuperCollider’s documentation is always a work in progress. Classes in need of documentation can be found in the Help docklet, via Browse > Undocumented Classes). Or, walk through your own code, look up help on the Classes and Methods you’re using, and document the ones that don’t currently have documentation.


Windows builds are still in progress. Much progress has been made, but a few core issues have to be fixed before a working alpha build can be made available.


Mac OS X (64-bit)

Windows (64 bit) (not available yet)



Mac OS X (64-bit)

Windows (64 bit) (not available yet)


Fixes since alpha0

  • WebView closes after displaying scrollbar 1489
  • Plugin unload fixes 1473
  • Quarks windows path error bug 1451
  • Quarks conflicts with case insensitive file systems 1429
  • LanguageConfig.current problems (incorrect return value) 1369
  • installing local quark does not install it’s dependencies 1378
  • quarks always go into default lang config file 1400
  • dependencies specified with git url and refspec not working 1377
  • canceling git checkout 1376
  • if sclang_config.yaml doesn’t exist prior to install of Quark, include-path is not written 1362
  • Quarks install on Windows fails in parseQuarkName 1346
  • Error on interpreter startup 1448
  • Switching a session causes the IDE to segfault 1430
  • findRegexp does not compile escaped character sequences correctly 1411
  • Preferences/Editor/Fonts&Colors/Color:Current Line: sample text display doesn’t update to the color selected in Text 1403
  • Remove cURL dependency in Quarks 1389
  • Add a way to update quarks (git pull or delete folder and clone again) 1386
  • GridLayout spanning bug 1383
  • fix DiskOut (last sample block not written) 1382
  • Server Gui volume bug 1370
  • default key for “trigger autocomplete” cmd-space conflicts with spotlight 1365
  • addition of SimpleController::removeAt 1328
  • IDE passes wrong Document modifiers to mouseDownAction 952
  • Wrongly reported external document changes 758
  • Editing plotter with domainSpec bug 264
  • MIDIFunc.noteOn does not work with floats 325
  • sclang / scserver: print version with -V [1458(
  • CoreMIDI crash fix 1147

In addition, crucialfelix committed numerous smaller cleanups and fixes for the new Quarks system.


There are still build issues being sorted on Windows - these should be available in future prerelease iterations.


Mac OS X (64-bit)

Windows (64 bit) (not available yet)


Changes since 3.6.6

3.7 spans roughly 2500 new commits, so the release notes represent only a high level overview. These will be expanded over time.


  • Cross-platform HID support using HIDAPI
  • A new Quarks package management system which supports installing packages from Git or from local folders.
  • JITlib has seen significant refactoring and new functionality (see the “JITLib Changes in 3.7” help file)
  • IDE editor themes can now be saved/loaded.
  • Many enhancements to IDE autocomplete, introspection, and workflow improvements.
  • A new Download class, for easy http file download.
  • GUI redirects have been removed, Qt is now the core UI toolkit in sclang
  • The Image class has been resurrected.
  • The Document class has been resurrected, allowing sclang interaction with IDE documents.


A non-definitive list of issues fixed in 3.7 is available here