We are proud to announce the arrival of SuperCollider 3.9.0! Apologies for being so far behind schedule; we hope the improvements you’ll find here will more than make up for it. In 3.9.0, determined contributors have fixed some of SuperCollider’s major cross-platform compatibility demons, addressed longstanding issues in the IDE and language, and added new features and bugfixes across the board.

The full changelog is very long. Here are the most important changes:

  • Breaking change: The application binary interface (ABI) for server plugins has changed. This has an important impact: plugin binaries compiled for SuperCollider 3.8 will not work with SuperCollider 3.9 and vice versa. You will need to use a new version of sc3-plugins as well if you are upgrading SC.
  • Breaking change: Rests in the patterns system have been restructured. Instead of using the isRest event property, events are considered rests if one of their properties is a Rest object. You must use instances of Rest rather than the rest class itself – use of Rest instead of Rest() is now deprecated.
  • The UnitTest quark has been incorporated into the main repository. If you already have UnitTest installed, you should uninstall it to prevent duplicate class errors.
  • Support for multiple sclang clients connecting to the same server is greatly improved.
  • A new UGen, Sanitize, replaces infinities, NaNs, and subnormals with another signal, zero by default.
  • Fixed numerous instances of UGens outputting an initial sample of garbage.
  • Fixed help files failing to open on Windows if the user’s name contains a non-ASCII character.
  • New aliases for done actions, e.g. Done.freeSelf == 2, are introduced for better readability. See the Done helpfile for details.
  • Deprecated OSCresponder, OSCresponderNode, OSCpathResponder, AudioIn, and Speech.
  • Some Linux systems had unreadable font colors in the autocomplete tooltips. This has been (finally) fixed.

You can grab the latest version from the release page. Thanks for using SuperCollider!