This is a bugfix release with no breaking changes. 3.9 users are advised to upgrade if possible.

Contributors to this release: adcxyz, brianlheim, davidgranstrom, jamshark70, patrickdupuis, snappizz, telephon, vivid-synth

  • Improvements to various documentation pages (#3587, #3526)
  • Fixed CMake configuration errors that prevented successfully building on Windows when the project path contains spaces (#3525).
  • Fixed PSinGrain growing in amplitude after it was supposed to finish (#3494).
  • sclang now creates a configuration directory on startup, rather than waiting for it to be created by another action. This step is skipped if sclang is run as a standalone (-a) or if a language config file is specified with the -l option (#3577).
  • SequenceableCollection:unixCmd now allows respects PATH instead of strictly requiring the executable path (#3501).
  • A new method, Platform:killProcessByID, was added (#3499).
  • LanguageConfig:store throws an error if it fails to write (#3577).
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in a warning message for Server:clientID_ (#3487).
  • Event:isRest now returns true if the event’s \isRest entry is true. This usage was backported from 3.8 and is deprecated (#3521).
  • Server now tries to recover in the case of a lost connection between client and server (#3486).
  • Fixed an error when producing a Score containing an Event with a multichannel timingOffset (#3544).
  • The help browser table of contents popout no longer has redundant “table of contents” text (#3576).

You can download SuperCollider 3.9.2 from the release page.