We are glad to announce that we are releasing the Spanish translation of a group of SuperCollider help files and tutorials; the files are available at <tallerdeaudio.googlepages.com>. This work was possible thanks to a grant given by the Art Education, Research and Diffusion Grant Program in Mexico City (PADID, for its acronym in Spanish). The translations were made by Ernesto Romero, Rodrigo Frenk, Juan Sebastian Lach and Sergio Luque.

Feel free to make any corrections and please send them to us, so we can add the changes to the repository. We are also looking forward to receiving new help file translations from anyone who wants to participate in this open project.

Direct link to the help files: http://sites.google.com/site/tallerdeaudio/AyudaSC3Esp.zip

Best wishes,
The SuperCollider Spanish Translation Team