A (more-or-less) weekly series of constructivist workshops emphasising making and connection within the field of the existent.


March 8th 2PM: Switch-from-Max! … (and other patch cable based systems)

Forthcoming matter:

Pinhole and Kirlian photography, radio telescopy, data forensics, scientific visualisation toolkits, hardware RNG, EVP, PD and HID, scrying boards and KiCad design

… contact if you’re interested in leading a related workshop.

March 8th 2PM: Switch-from-Max! … (and other patch cable based systems)

A one-day workshop focusing on the free software SuperCollider and why programming with syntax can be both easier and far superior to the graphical ditto (aka. patching). It is unfortunate that code or syntax often scares artists and musicians at first sight. We will try to cure this fear by showing fairly simple examples of how SuperCollider can be used to produce music and sound much more dynamically than using the static and deceitfully easy patching paradigm. More particularly we will do granular synthesis, randomly generated synthesis networks and networked music - all the things that are a real pain to do in systems like Max/MSP.

Intermediate level - knowledge of basic computer music concepts like filters and envelopes is required, knowledge of some patching system (Max/PD) is a plus.

What to bring:

  1. Laptop running Linux, OS X or Windows
  2. SuperCollider 3 installed (version 3.2 recommended): http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/
  3. Headphones
  4. 10 Euros participation fee

About the Teacher:

Fredrik Olofsson, aka. redFrik, is a musician and developer who also sometimes performs tricks with visuals and electronics.





Workshops led by field-expert practitioners extend over realms of code and embedded code, environmental code, noise, transmission and reception, and electromysticism. Workshops solely utilise free software and GNU toolbase.

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