Workshop: Switch from PureData! (or MAX/MSP for that matter)

Led by Fredrik Olofsson [ ]

During this one-day workshop we will focus on the free software
SuperCollider and show why programming with syntax can be both easier
and superior to patching in graphical environments. This session will
offer chance for beginners as well as seasoned users of other synthesis
environments to get a taste of the features that make SuperCollider such
a flexible and powerful tool. While not intended as a full introduction
to this synthesis environment, it will function as a preparatory session
for a series of SuperCollider seminars that we are preparing for after
the summer.

Topics will include envelopes, patterns, granular synthesis and
networked music. These are specifically chosen to show how SuperCollider
is a very dynamic system where things easily are replaced on the fly or
adapted to varying number of sound channels, the kind of things that are
cumbersome or hard to do in PureData.

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